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Lithium Lingotek Connector Test Drive | iTalent Corporation

Breaking Down the Community Language Barrier

Test Drive

Take a Test Drive of iTalent's Language Translation Connector in a Lithium Community. Simply follow the steps below to see it in action, and see how discussion threads can be translated from one language to another in a single community.

Step One:

Go to the Lithium Community "Lithosphere" and register: https://community.lithium.com/

Step Two:

It takes just a minute to register with the community. All you need is a user name, a password, and a valid email address.

Step Three:

with your new credentials.

Step Four:

Okay, now the fun part. When you join any discussion thread you will be able to view the entire thread in your chosen language

  • Click "Join the Discussion"
  • Click "All Forums" from the expanded menu
  • Click any thread you would like to view

Step Five:

Now locate the Translation Pulldown in the upper right corner, choose your language, and Voila!

Lithium-Lingotek Connector Data Sheet

View and download the data sheet with feature details, benefits of the solution, and frequently asked questions.

See Data Sheet (PDF)

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